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                           Want to snare billionaire? A Russian school is offering tips

on how to seduce and bag the wealthy man of your dreams.

A popular school of seduction in the Moscow is teaching professional women how to attract men – preferably a richer one.


Evgeniya Steshova, who runs the crash course, said that girls want to meet good men with a high social standing and of course it doesn”t hurt if he’s a rich one. 


The lesson starts with grading each other on the scale of five on perfume, manicures, hair, underwear and sex appeal.


Steshova advises to be at your best while trying to attract a man. Men react to women’s appearance.

“Wear heels and bright colours all the time. Act a bit shy and if you realise you’re getting into a ”situation” and haven’t got nice underwear on, just take them off and tell him that you forgot to put any on,” The Sun quoted her as saying.


Some tips on the first day include:
Drop a pen on the floor and bend over so the man gets to look at your curves.


Surprise a man and seduce him in unexpected ways to keep him interested in you.

The second day focuses on how to seduce a man in different situations.


“The key is to play different roles. Be a young woman to seduce a man, a woman in bed but then a girl the next morning,” she said. 

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