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TEN – We Treat Our Puppies Like Children
It is a great mistake to believe that your puppy thinks like a child.
It does not. Your puppy has an important culture of its own, and if
you want your puppy to respect you as its human leader, then you must
respect it as your dog.
NINE – We Play Ball With Our Puppies Too Soon
One of the first things most people buy for their puppies are throw
balls. Once these toys are obtained puppy owners quickly train their
puppies to chase. While this may not present a problem for more mature
dogs, teaching your puppy to running after things may become a serious
problems when your puppy sees a cat or a squirrel. Our advice, teach
your puppy to come when called before you teach it to run in the
opposite direction. Then, after you know that your puppy has a
reliable recall, go hog wild with the throw toys.
EIGHT – We Let Our Puppies Walk On Us
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