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2006062300540201.jpg What’s with Hrithik Roshan and his latest trend of turning down Hollywood films? First he said no to Omkara director Vishal Bhadwaj’s script which was to star Uma Thurman in it, then the Pink Panther sequel with Steve Martin and now comes the news that the superstar has also said no to a role in Superman!  It is believed that Hrithik received an offer to act in the latest installment of the film. “The producers of Superman had seen Hrithik’s work in Krrish and what a hit the film had become. Also, Hrithik definitely has the looks that would work in the West and therefore they approached him for the role,” says a close associate of the star. Hrithik had earlier turned down a role in Pink Panther 2 which was then lapped up by Andy Garcia. But unlike in Pink Panther, Roshan failed to even ask for the script in the case of Superman! Hrithik is currently nursing an injured leg which has also put a stop to the completion of Ashutosh Gowarikar’s Jodhaa Akbar following which Hrithik will begin on the scripting sessions for Krrish 2. “It’s not the Hrithik is not looking to do Hollywood films. He would love to but he isn’t going to jump at every script that comes his way,” says the source. Hrithik’s international looks, superb physique, dancing skills and good acting skills have helped him develop a major fan following amongst Asians and non-Asians alike in the West. He has already come into the notice of directors and production houses in Hollywood and has also featured in Hollywood publications such as the Los Angeles Times as well as the Hollywood Reporter. With so much popularity already in Hollywood one can’t help but wonder what could have prompted Hrithik to turn down a blockbuster like Superman. Could it be that he is giving greater importance to daddy Rakesh Roshan’s Krrish 2 or that he doesn’t want to go from playing India’s numero uno superhero to a side kick to Hollywood’s number one superhero?  


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A pint of beer may help protect against heart disease more effectively than red wine or spirits, researchers have found.
While the health benefits of red wine have long been touted by scientists, a letter in medical journal The Lancet suggests that the odd pint may also be a good idea.
Beer contains vitamin B6 which prevents the build up in the body of a chemical called homocysteine – thought to be linked to an increase in the risk of heart disease.
There are damn sight better ways to protect against heart disease than by drinking beer

Andrew Varley, Institute of Alcohol Studies
However, Dutch researchers have discovered that this may not be the only reason why beer may be good for the heart.
Dr Henk Hendriks and colleagues from the TNO Nutrition and Food Research Institute, studied 111 healthy men who each drank beer, red wine, spirits, and water, for three weeks, with dinner.
They found that homocysteine levels did not increase after beer consumption, but rose after drinking wine and spirits.
Beer drinkers had a 30% increase of vitamin B6 in blood plasma.
Levels of B6 also rose in people who had drunk wine and spirits, although not by the same amount.
Dr Hendriks’ team suggests that beer may contain other ingredients that help protect against heart disease.
Dr Hendriks told BBC News Online: “Moderate alcohol consumption affects many processes in the body, one of which is the significant increase in HDL cholesterol – the good cholesterol.
“However, one should not drink alcohol to become healthy.”
Andrew Varley, of the Institute of Alcohol Studies, warned against people using the research as an excuse to drink more beer.
He said: “Any research about the various health-giving properties of different types of alcohol is a bit of a red herring as the effect is usually marginal and restricted to a very small group of people under certain circumstances.
“There are damn sight better ways to protect against heart disease than by drinking beer, but people love this sort of thing because it gives them an excuse.”
Mr Varley said that drinking large quantities of beer would create far more health problems than it would solve.
A spokesman for the British Heart Foundation said: “At the moment we should all stick to the known facts: one or two units of alcohol a day may have a protective affect on the heart but more than this could do more harm than good.
“Using this study as an excuse to go on a beer binge over the Bank Holiday weekend is not the answer.
Article from: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/727912.stm

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d6616852dd163676bfec998de79df.jpg Johannesburg: The surprise attendance of actor Shah Rukh Khan in the stands and the numerous ‘Chak De! India’ being waved with gay abandon spurred India to victory in the inaugural Twenty20 World Championship at the Wanderers here.
With spectacular performances by both India and Pakistan, the game had the capacity crowd on the edge of their seats as the pendulum violently swung either way.
In terms of crowd support, India clearly had an edge over Pakistan, with the tricolour hugely outnumbering the Pakistan flags.
Clapping vigorously from the VIP area, Hindi film icon Shah Rukh blew kisses to the crowd when they cheered him as loudly as the teams each time his face appeared on the giant TV screens at the ‘bullring’ as the Wanderers is fondly referred to by the locals for being the hub of Johannesburg’s sporting activity for almost 75 years.
Sporting a velvet shirt to promote his forthcoming movie “Om Shanti Om”, Shah Rukh occasionally lifted his 10-year-old son Aryan and was clearly enjoying the game thoroughly.
At one stage he was shown taking pictures with a Nikon camera, with local host Jagdish Parekh of Sahara Computers trying to teach him a few tricks of the trade.
Current promotions of ‘Om Shanti Om’ are making a great fuss about Shah Rukh taking off his shirt in the film to show his newly acquired six-pack, and Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni seemed to emulate him briefly. Dhoni took off his shirt and put it on a young lad who was brought in by a TV commentator to meet him, walking off bare-chested.
Regular refrains of “India! India!” from the crowd drowned out any chance of the Pakistani supporters getting much opportunity to spur on their side. These supporters included some English fans, complete with punk hairstyles in support of their T-shirts reading ‘Punkistan’.
As Misbah-ul Haq brought Pakistan to within one shot of victory, a member of the Pakistani support team muttered desperate prayers with folded hands in the dug-out, alas to no avail.
Team India will take home not just the trophy, but also a cash booty of $490,000, which pales in comparison to the $2 million reward announced by the Board of Control for Cricket in India.

Article publish on: http://content.msn.co.in/Sports/Cricket/Stories/CricketIndA_250907_1107.htm

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How to make Kulfi


You will need

  • Milk
  • Cream
  • Sugar
  • Flavorings (as you like)


  1. Take few liters of milk and boil it till it gets little bit thick. (Boil the milk up to 30%)
  2. Add cream in the boiling milk. And shake well till it gets over flow.
  3. Then put off the stove or Gas.
  4. Keep the vassel in the Cold Water (keep ice around the container)
  5. Then add sugar (Ratio:- in 35 ltr add sugar 5Kg)
  6. When it will get totally cold, add the variety what ever you like.
    Example: – the variety is Pista (Pistachio):- Add the assence of Pista, Add the crushed Pista also.
  7. Then fill up the liquid in container like a tin of 250 gr. or whatever available
  8. Put on a Rubber Ring on the lid of the container So that the liquid will not leak. Keep all of the wins which are filled up into a Big Clay Pot
  9. Filled up the Pot with ice and Salt (Ration 1Kg = 100Gr. salt) till all containers sunk.
  10. Shake the Pot near about 1/2 hr. or more (Its depends upon the quantity)
  11. Remove one container from the pot and cheek the liquid got hard or not. If not remove the water from the Pot and agained fill ice and salt. Shake well till the contains get hard.
  12. If the contain found hard keep in freez so that get more hard.

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After a long and sometimes bumpy ride, Indian Idol has found its winner-Prashant Tamang. The first Nepali to ever take part in the contest, he beat all odds (no formal training in music and coming from a police background that does not nurture a singer) to become the new Bharat ki Shaan. He has his fans-who were so enthusiastic in voting for him-and the negative comments from the judges-which spurred him on to do better-to thank for winning the title. Here’s wishing him all the luck for his future.


Article from: http://indianidol.sify.com/

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The HIV/AIDS epidemics spreading through the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa are highly varied. Although it is not correct to speak of a single African epidemic, Africa is without doubt the region most affected by the virus. Inhabited by just over 12% of the world’s population, Africa is estimated to have more than 60% of the AIDS-infected population.

World region Adult HIV prevalence
(ages 15–49)
Total HIV
AIDS deaths
in 2005
Sub-Saharan Africa 6.1% 24.5m 2.0m
Worldwide 1.0% 38.6m 2.8m
North America 0.8% 1.3m 27,000
Western Europe 0.3% 720,000 12,000
Regional comparisons of HIV in 2005 (Source: UNAIDS, 2006 Report on the global AIDS epidemic)

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Beauty of GOD.


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